Monday, July 25, 2011


I'd like to thank my friend, Becca for introducing me to this awesome site.  It's also an "app" on my phone.  I'm so

Cute...however, I wouldn't want to clean out crumbs, spills etc.


 Neat idea.  I'd almost paint the tub turquoise or something fun and bright

Ok, now this is pure genius!  Wouldn't this be fun!!

So simple, yet so cute

Yes, please!

WOW!   This is where I want to go

What a fun room!

 Strawberries planted in cinder blocks 

I'm so doing this at the next wedding I shoot.  Cute idea.

I'll be doing this look too...keep a lookout for something similar to this on my blog!

Enough Said!

 I would never leave this swing...

Happy Monday  

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