Monday, July 25, 2011


I'd like to thank my friend, Becca for introducing me to this awesome site.  It's also an "app" on my phone.  I'm so

Cute...however, I wouldn't want to clean out crumbs, spills etc.


 Neat idea.  I'd almost paint the tub turquoise or something fun and bright

Ok, now this is pure genius!  Wouldn't this be fun!!

So simple, yet so cute

Yes, please!

WOW!   This is where I want to go

What a fun room!

 Strawberries planted in cinder blocks 

I'm so doing this at the next wedding I shoot.  Cute idea.

I'll be doing this look too...keep a lookout for something similar to this on my blog!

Enough Said!

 I would never leave this swing...

Happy Monday  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

It's Friday!! 
What's in store for you this weekend?  Relaxing, shopping, spending time in the pool (and ahem, working on your tan), happy hour with your friends.  No matter what you do, enjoy your weekend!! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

love to laugh

When I was little (age 5-7), the after school tv shows for kids, were called, "comics".  Not that I'm ancient or anything, but my Granny used to say "At 3 o' clock, we'll turn on the TELEvison, and watch the comics".  Tom and Jerry, 3 Stooges, allllll black and white.  A black and white t.v. was the only thing she had.  It never bothered me, even though my parents owned a color t.v. at home.  I was thrilled to be watching something that made me laugh.

Never been a fan of horror movies.  Sci Fi is eh, ok...and dramas were...let's face it, if you know you're going to cry BEFORE you see the movie, what's the point?  ***cue The Notebook (or Hope Floats)***  Most dramas I choose, tend to be pretty good, however I'm a sucker for comedies (even cheesy romantic comedies).  I've always said that I'm attracted to funny people.  I think it's essential to have laughter in your life.  Here are some of my favorite "funny people" in a black and white art form.
****I'm leaving out a ton people, but it's late, and I'm tired.***

Cloris Leachman...keeps.getting.better

Conan.  Who can resist his adorable, precious face.  Everything that comes out of his mouth, is funny!

Andy Samberg.  I hope he goes far, because he's had me in stitches from SNL.

Will Ferrell.  Enough Said.

Justin, Justin, Justin...I heard a rumor that he may be quitting his music career to be an "actor".  If this is true, it's dumb.  He's so talented in everything he does.  Bonus, he's so funny!  SNL!  Google him.  You'll thank me later.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Aniston AND Drew Barrymore!  Does it get any better than this?  I think, not. 
 loved it so much, I had to post another shot of this infamous trio...

The only color photo on this post.  Cast of Modern Family.  One of the only reasons to watch t.v. these days.   

Ellen.  If I were stuck on an elevator, I'd want to be in there with her.  We'd laugh and dance. 

 Betty White.  Who doesn't love Betty?!
Bill Murray.  A little vulgar at times, but Bill Murray is hilarious! 

i <3 robin williams

Kristen Wiig.  SNL.  Probably my current favorite.  Google just about anything she does, and you'll fall on the floor, laughing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hipstamatic Vs. Instagram
Both easy, and fun Iphone apps.  
Hipstamatic allows you to change your lens, flashes and film.  If you’re into photography on the iPhone you will want to own Hipstamatic, it gives you dependable results with a vintage feel at print quality. 
Instagram is really more about social media and interaction, it gives you the ability to quickly share a moment with your online friends, but the image is screen quality only.  It allows you to take a picture (or use a previous shot) and add vintage effects. 

Instagram is free and Hipstamatic is up to $1.99

For me, it depends on my mood at the moment.  



Saturday, July 16, 2011

What inspires this photog

I am obsessed with black and white photography.  Though I edit a lot in color and antique finishes, I'm mostly drawn to black and whites!  I'm inspired by anything out of the ordinary.  Here are a few of my current obsessions.....

                                                           Photography.  My obsession.

Adele!  I must, I need, I will see her.  Soon.  Everything about this picture is amazing, to me!

I <3 Fashion.  Stripes, polka dots, stilettos, tutus....there are no rules.  Mix it up...textures, prints, styles.  etc.  Play.  Have fun.  You are unique.  Show it off.

Anything fun!  Carousels make me want to jump up and down like a kid!  Love that feeling.

This reminds me of my daughter and I. HERO!  She's amazing, and is so free spirited with her fashion and the way she looks.  I love that weight, lack of make up, oily skin or mis matched clothes aren't an issue with her. (not that mis matched clothes are an issue with me, but I have to think about it a little more)  I adore being her Mommy.

U2 in Manhattan.  Doesn't get any better than that.


Probably one of my favorite pictures!  Such a "staged" shot, but so creative.

I love to sing.  "If you've got soul, let the world know" ~christina aguilera

This used to be my bedroom window view...only smaller.  ;)  CA, 90028
Where I found "me".  I think I left a part of me back on Taft Avenue........

Speaking of Hollywood, I would have loved to have shot with Mr. Dean.  I used to have a mega crush on this star, until I realized.....

I'll close with one more picture.  This pretty much sums me up.  Peace.Love.Photography.  If I could add my daughter's name, I would. 
***i borrowed all of these photos for blog purposes only***