Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hipstamatic Vs. Instagram
Both easy, and fun Iphone apps.  
Hipstamatic allows you to change your lens, flashes and film.  If you’re into photography on the iPhone you will want to own Hipstamatic, it gives you dependable results with a vintage feel at print quality. 
Instagram is really more about social media and interaction, it gives you the ability to quickly share a moment with your online friends, but the image is screen quality only.  It allows you to take a picture (or use a previous shot) and add vintage effects. 

Instagram is free and Hipstamatic is up to $1.99

For me, it depends on my mood at the moment.  



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  1. Good to know! I've been searching for a great photo app for my iPhone. I've got the Instagram but don't think it's that great. The Hipstamatic pics look better quality and for only $2, I may be sold! :o)